Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Kitty, A year in the Jetta

It's winter
the frost burns my nose
just like it did last night
cutting lines with a razor on an old children's book
"this is the good stuff"
fifteen bucks a bag
scraping change and exchanging it at the bank
hey mom, miley calm down
take a sip, it'll ease your stomach
mint green paint fumes
and i'm gonna be sick
your car has that smell
the one that makes me feel invincible. reckless. free.

it's spring
smoke fills the car
nyquil soma menthol
addy treadmill nicotine

it's summer
it's ending
don't let it stop
i need to be free
i need to be here
i'm going going gone

it's autumn,
it's over

my eyes were closed the second it started
but somehow i know The Doors was the best movie i'll never see

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